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Preparation Instructions

Patient resources and preparation for your visit


Please click on your procedure or the preparation name recommended by your doctor. Remember, preparing correctly for your upcoming procedure is very important. By following the directions in the links below, you will make the process easier for you and the doctor. If you have any questions regarding Preparation Instructions do not hesitate. Feel free to call our main office at (516) 785-6800. Our staff is glad to answer all of your questions.
Do not forget to bring the following items to your appointment
▪️ Most current insurance card(s)
▪️ Driver’s license or photo identification
▪️ Co-payment in the form of cash, check or credit card
▪️ A complete listing of your medication, including dosages
▪️ If you have seen a Gastroenterologist in the past and/or have had prior diagnostic testing done CT scan, x-ray, lab work, etc.), please have those records forwarded to us in advance or bring with you to your appointment.
▪️ Ensure that our office has received a referral, if necessary, in advance of your appointment.


The physician will meet with you to discuss your gastrointestinal issues, medical and social history, and to perform a physical examination.