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Patients reviews

Everyone was attentive and helpful
Paula S. | Apr 13, 2023
Great staff
Edward N. | Apr 13, 2023
Dr Anthony Razzano is a great GI doctor
Rebecca C. | Apr 11, 2023
Everybody was so lovely. The gentlemen who checked me in from the parking lot was absolutely amazing. Made my day he was so sweet and lovely. My doctor I can’t remember her name was very nice as well great experience!
Nicole N. | Apr 11, 2023
Very clean , friendly office, and John who greeted me was so funny , dr Barth , she was amazing, very personal I really liked that she made me feel very comfortable,
Sally P. | Apr 11, 2023
Caring, professional and attentive. Best experience!
Chiara O. | Apr 10, 2023
Very nice and professional. Appointment was comfortable and done in a timely manner.
Anthony M. | Apr 07, 2023
Patient and very comforting and caring. Wants to see things through
John K. | Apr 04, 2023
The Dr’s and nurses were great. They made an uncomfortable experience comfortable
Salvatore M. | Apr 04, 2023
Very well organized. In and out!
Amy Z. | Apr 03, 2023
I recently had a procedure done with Dr. Carly Barth which I was completely nervous about. Dr. Carly Barth was amazing along with the staff. Thank you for putting me at ease!
Mariann P. | Aug 12, 2022
I don’t know why every doctors office in the world isn’t ran like this place, it’s so incredible to have such a care free process. I’ve been to many doctors this last year and DR Barth has been wonderful and validating, something many doctors have not been for me.
Lauren S. | Jul 02, 2022
Awesome makes you feel comfortable
Wilfred C. | Jun 21, 2022
The staff was very professional and answered my questions and have a nice way gods love
Audrey S. | May 13, 2022
Prompt appointment, exemplary patient care, friendly staff, and cleanliness of premises.
Ayesha Y. | May 06, 2022
Everyone was professional and courteous
John W. | May 06, 2022
Professional all the way from entrance to exit
Paul J. | Apr 28, 2022
Nobody walks into the doctor's office looking forward to a colonoscopy. I was nervous because a friend of the family was sick. From the moment I stepped out of my cau there was a gentleman who made it seem I was the most important client of the day. The staff was excellent and the facility was clean. Dr. Marshak spoke with me like I was a person. I had both an endiscopy and a colooscopy and it went well (as one could hope a procedure such as that would og). I recommend this office to anyone.
Michael M. | Apr 20, 2022